• Easy, Reliable, Secure, Central PC Power Management incl. Wake On LAN. Works across IP-Segments, VLANs and even the Internet
  • EnvProt helps you to reduce the waste of energy by up to 80%
  • Users become more productive by moving admin tasks to off-hours
  • ROI within few months helps to reallocate funds
  • Improve IT energy efficiency by up to 80%
  • Start PCs automatically before classes and shut them down when no more needed
  • Just tell us what you need...

WOL for VMs

WOL VMs– Start virtual machines based on corresponding WOL Magic Packet (Release or higher)

With this option enabled, Auto Shutdown Manager will analyze incoming WOL Magic Packages and compare the coded MAC address with those of the known virtual machines. When they match, Auto Shutdown Manager then starts the corresponding VM automatically.

 wol vms