Green IT for Private Users

sleeping girl pcManage the wake-up, shutdown und sleep modes of your Home Server and Clients.

Many computes are idle - often the night - to process certain, long operations that would occupy the machine during the day. The major disadvantage - even after finalizing all operations, the computer needs energy during being idle until the user returns the next morning. This today’s typical behavior does not only waste a huge amount of energy but also shortens the machine’s life cycle. Compared to older computer generations today’s machines are designed to be switched on and off several times per day.

Especially desktop hard drives are not designed for continuous operations and therefore through switching off the computer they are better protected than overused.

Apart from wasting energy, security also poses a huge problem. Computers that run for nights can be attacked and misused by hackers more easily than those being switched off.

Time Limit as Kid protection: with this functionality you can define times when a computer access is permitted - the earliest time in the morning and the latest time in the evening, on which day and for how long the computer may be used per day for the currently logged-in user.

Auto Shutdown Manager: made to run on 1 000 000 000 PCs worldwide and to save 80% of the used energy.

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