There are two different WOL Portals available - boths FREE

 In order to optimally support the different WOL requirements of our customers, there are two different Wake On LAN portals.

If configured correctly, WOL allows computers to be woken up from sleep mode (standby / hibernation) as well as computers that have been completely shut down.


The Basic WOL Portal is a very simple portal, suitable for non-critical use in the intranet with few users.

The Advanced WOL Portal is a more complex WOL portal which authenticates users using Active Directory and only allows assigned computers to be woken up.

Both WOL portals are based on Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) and serve as a supplement to an existing Auto Shutdown Manager infrastructure. Both can be used by our customers free of charge.


The Advanced WOL Portal

To be able to use this portal, a user must first authenticate himself with a valid domain user name and password.



In addition, the WOL Portal administrator must first assign and activate the users and the desired computers.



Now users can simply wake up the computers assigned to them with a click:



The  Advanced WOL portal software incl. the installation guide is available free of charge and can be downloaded here.






The Basic WOL Portal

This basic WOL Portal  is typically operated withn the company's intranet. In the simplest case, users only need the portal address and the FQDN name of their workstation.


The wakeup is then handled  using the required Auto Shutdown Manager Server.


The administrator is free at any time to centrally allow or disallow portal based wake-up calls.

A password can be specified for the wake-up call.

Computers that should not be woken up via the portal can be blocked using an exception list. Individual computers can be listed, or REGEX-based expressions can also be used. More details and examples can be found in the instructions included with the download.


You can find  more techical information about  Wake ON Lan setup and examples here.


The Basic  WOL portal software incl. the installation guide is available free of charge and can be downloaded here.

Raspberry Pi as WOL Proxy

Raspberry Pi as WoL Proxy

Auto Shutdown Manager Server supports Wake on LAN (WoL) on remote networks by using so-called directed broadcasts or WoL proxies. Because of the potential security issues of directed broadcasts, WoL proxies are the technology of choice in almost all scenarios when it comes to waking remote computers located outside of the local network.RaspberryPi


Every computer that runs the Auto Shutdown Manager client can be used as a WoL proxy. In many cases, small PCs or local servers running 24/7 can do the job on remote locations.



However, if no such server or PC is available, you now can use one of the affordable and low-power consuming Raspberry Pi® devices.

Raspberry Pi as WOL Proxy


Download the software and a short manual here.


Android WOW Client (PoC)

This is a Proof of Concept (PoC) WOW “Wake On WAN” Client for Android devices.

The Android WOW Client can be used with Auto Shutdown Manager Server Version 5.

Please visit our forum for more details and the download.

US ISD Wakes and Manages 8500 PCs

Mesquite Independent School District (MISD) needed a power management system that was compatible with Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager System (SCCM) 2012 R2 and allowed its network operations staff to orchestrate the powering down and the waking up of its 8,500 PCs efficiently in order to achieve the department’s goals of keeping its computers up to date without interrupting call times, while adhering to the district’s green initiative – all on a budget.... please read more in the following case study:


   Case Study: US School District Wakes up 8500 PCs on 47 campuses...

WOL for VMs

WoL VMs– Start virtual machines based on the corresponding WoL Magic Packet (Release or higher)

When this option is enabled, Auto Shutdown Manager will analyze incoming WoL Magic Packages and compare the coded MAC address with those of the known virtual machines. When they match, Auto Shutdown Manager then starts the corresponding VM automatically.

 wol vms

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