Nowadays, with energy prices rising continuously, both consumers and enterprises are looking for ways to save energy effectively - but without changing the familiar working style. Most importantly, benefits result from energy - and therefore cost savings. According to several researchers, on average, 20 % of all computers are not shut down at all at night or over weekends. Lunch breaks or long absences from the desk are not even mentioned.

Furthermore, many computers are idle - often for the entire night - to process certain long operations that would slow them down during the day. The major disadvantage is that, even after finalizing all operations, the computer needs energy while idle until the user returns the next morning or after the weekend.
This typical behavior not only wastes tremendous amounts of energy, it also shortens the machine’s life cycle. Compared to older computer generations, today’s machines are designed to be switched on and off several times per day.
In particular, desktop hard drives are not designed for continuous operation; thus switching the computer off protects them better protected than when they are overused.

Apart from wasting energy, security also poses a serious problem. Computers that run for nights can be attacked more easily than can those that are switched off. There are many arguments and benefits - both money- and security-wise - for the minimization of uncontrolled running times of systems.


The key arguments why professional PC Power Management is a "must have":

  • It is relevant for the shareholder value: "Green Commitment" influences stock values by up to 33% and profits by up to 9% - and this is increasing.
  • 15% -30% of all PCs are not shut down after work or during the night.
  • It makes IT safer. Shutting down unused PCs removes potential points of attack.
  • It makes life easier for IT staff. Systems can be started remotely, shut down safely, and managed network-wide from one central location.
  • Almost 100% Wake on LAN success rate when using Auto Shutdown Manager.
  • Carbon dioxide emissions related to the operation of servers and PCs account for around 2% of the annual global total.
  • Inspire employees: Employees feel a deep sense of pride working in organizations that do their part for the environment. Staff members are increasingly green aware, and want to see their company contributing to the solution rather than exacerbating the problem.
  • It saves money. PC Power Management software can cut energy costs by $15-$50 dollars per PC and per year. Depending on the branch, this could be 10%-20% of the total energy costs of an enterprise.
  • Green Goes Mainstream - An increasing number of stakeholders such as management, investors and customers are going to want to know what you are doing to comply with, support or advance your company’s efforts to become more environmentally responsible.
  • Tax-related savings.
  • Secure rebates and incentives offered by utility companies in the US and in Canada.
  • And many others...


Find out how easy and complete PC Power Management solutions such as Auto Shutdown Manager are today. They not only make IT's life easier, but also improve the overall availability and security - while saving huge amounts of energy, CO2, and money!