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Leading PC Power Management Software "Auto Shutdown Manager" not only allows for the intelligent shutdown of computers, laptops, and servers but also for powering them via Wake on LAN over different network segments and VLANs - even over the Internet.


The PC Power Management solution "Auto Shutdown Manager", known for reliable energy savings in professional environments, has been enhanced in the new version by important functions in the area of enterprise Wake On LAN. One of the innovations is the introduction of WOL Proxies. WOL Proxies come into play where directed broadcasts are not working or are not allowed to be used. The administrator can declare computers in remote locations that are already in continuous 24/7 operation to act as WOL proxies for the local network. The central Auto Shutdown Manager Server then uses the WOL proxies to wake computers in the corresponding locations. A wake-up command to the corresponding WOL proxy is send instead of a WOL broadcast. Thus, the Wake on LAN technology can be controlled centrally and used across the enterprise and subsidiaries without having to configure the firewalls and routers.




Moreover, a Wake on WAN (WOW) tool allows users on the road or from their home offices to turn on computers at the company and keep them running as long as they needed them.

Finally, the integration into MCM/SCCM® supports Wake On LAN for MCM/SCCM based software deployments and updates. Individual computers or entire computer collections can be woken or shut down, rebooted, or put into a power saving mode directly from the Configuration Manager Console.

More details and setup examples about Wake On Lan

About EnviProt:

EnviProt is a leading Green-IT Software vendor. Headquartered in Germany, EnviProt conducts business worldwide.
The flagship product, Auto Shutdown Manager, is a Windows Service based, centrally managed and network-enabled professional PC Power Management solution for enterprises, public sectors, educational institutions and NPOs, which helps to save money and to increase security.

Auto Shutdown Manager allows for the intelligent startup of needed computers and the shutting down of unused computers - unlike other solutions, it does not interrupt working users or productive systems.
Auto Shutdown Manager is a proven technology that is used by thousands of customers from all over the world.