PC Power Management for EDUs, GOVs and NPOs

Auto Shutdown Manager: Successfully used in EDUs, GOVs and NPOs around the world.

We accept POs. Licenses will be sent immediately by e-mail to the named contact person. Please state the type of institution and the number of licenses required. This is the only way we can create the cheapest offer for you. Please contact our Sales team for a quotation or an order request.


Discounted offers for EDUs, MIL, GOVs & NPOs

Special offer for schools:

SCHOOL-FLAT for K12 and similar schools
Flat License for only $499 per School - please contact our Sales team


Special offer for Higher Educational Institutions, GOV, MIL & NPOs: 

Institutions such as colleges, universities and non-profit organizations as well as government agencies and MIL organisations receive an additional 30% discount based on our Enterprise licensing model. 

Please contact our Sales team for more information or a quotation.