The evaluation copy will run for 45 days with all features enabled. After 45 days, it will automatically be converted into a free light edition (for private use only). You can purchase and register the required number of licenses at any time to convert it back to full enterprise functionality and continue to use functions such as Central Management Console, remote restart and shutdown of clients and servers, WOL, Advanced Idle Detection, Time Rules, and others.

ASDM CLOCK 28x28Free Auto Shutdown Manager Release 5 - 45-day trial release with all features enabled

» Upgrade information for customers with release 4

» Change Log Information

» Download the MSI installation file only  

Optional: Java WoL Proxy and documentation how to run it for example on a Raspberry Pi mini computer.  For more information: Raspberry Pi as WOL Proxy.


New: Free WOL Portals. Provides users with the ability to start their office PCs on the go or from home office. Both portals are very easy to set up within minutes. Both downloads contain everything you need, including step-by-step instructions..

Download the Basic WOL Portal package incl. manual here

Download the Advanced WOL Portal package incl. manual here

Watch a short Auto Shutdown Manager Introduction Video on YouTube

Installation tutorial for single PC installations and the Client/Server mode

pdfCase Study: US School District Wakes Up 8500 PCs on 47 campuses

pdfCase study: German University deploys Auto Shutdown Manager and achieves ROI in few Weeks

pdfCase study: Berkeley University - Auto Shutdown Manager coupled with wireless power meters


Auto Shutdown Manager high-level overview and examples

pdfQuick Installation Guide (Server & Clients)

pdfGPO Deployment of Auto Shutdown Manager clients

pdf English manual


Product presentation 



Auto Shutdown Manager – network-enabled PC Power Management - more than just Green-IT!!